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I am back

2010-07-17 21:44:05 by pimpin12392

I am ready to pwn all who stand in my way

Jessie Logan

2009-10-13 19:01:00 by pimpin12392

In memory of Jessie Logan.
Born: Febuary 15 1990
Died: July 3 2008
"She may be gone,but her spirt lives on"

Jessie Logan


2009-10-11 15:57:07 by pimpin12392

I will be review music videosfor a big part of today and then random games into the night.

War games

2009-10-07 19:50:52 by pimpin12392

I will be reviewing war games today and into the night. If I am to harsh feel free to tell me what i am to harsh on.